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HotKeys in ParaViewGeo are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform certain actions without using the mouse.

Here is a list of useful HotKeys supported by ParaViewGeo.

Please note that although all letters mentioned below are shown as capitals, unless specifically indicated (as with Ctrl+Shift+O), the Shift key should not be used.


View Manager

The View Manager is the part of ParaViewGeo where you see your three-dimensional data. It can be split into separate 'views', each with their own independent menu bar. Full Screen controls apply to the whole View Manager.

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+T Adds a new Slide Show Slide
F5 Enters Full Screen mode and loads the first slide
F8 Toggles custom Full Screen mode
F9 Toggles the visibility of the active view's menu bar
F10 Toggles the visibility of all views' menu bar
F11 Toggles between Full Screen and Normal mode*
Esc Exits Full Screen Mode
  • Note: On Linux, full screen mode will only maximize the View Manager. Full Screen is not yet supported on Linux.

Camera Controls

These controls affect the camera in the active View Manager view.

Resetting the Camera

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+` Resets the camera so all visible pipeline objects fit in the view
  • The camera's current rotation will be unaffected.
  • If you're having trouble finding this key, it's to the left of the 1 button on your keyboard.

Changing the Look Axis

The following HotKeys set the camera's 'look' axis. For example, CTRL+1 means you will be looking toward the positive X axis. If your model uses the positive X axis as East, then you would be looking toward the East.

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+1 + X, looking down X axis from (1,0,0) 
Ctrl+2 – X, looking down X axis from (-1,0,0)
Ctrl+3 + Y, looking down Y axis from (0,1,0)
Ctrl+4 – Y, looking down Y axis from (0,-1,0)
Ctrl+5 + Z, looking down Z axis from (0,0,1)
Ctrl+6 – Z, looking down Z axis from (0,0,-1)

Common Actions

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+O Open a File
Ctrl+S Save the Data (applies to currently selected pipeline object)
Ctrl+Shift+O Load a State
Ctrl+Shift+S Save State - Overwrites the current state file
Ctrl+Shift+A Save State As - Save the State under a new name
Ctrl+Q Exit the application
Ctrl+R Opens dialog box to control Sources and Filters visibility
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Shift+Z Undo Camera Interaction (since version 1.4.14, previously Ctrl+B)
Ctrl+Shift+Y Redo Camera Interaction (since version 1.4.14, previously Ctrl+F)
Ctrl+Spacebar Opens dialog box to search for Sources and Filters (Alt+Spacebar on some computers)

Find Actions

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+F Find Dialog (since version 1.4.14)
F3 or Ctrl+G Find Next Item (since version 1.4.14)
Shift+F3 or


Find Previous Item (since version 1.4.14)


Shortcut Description
S Select Cells On
B Select Block
P Creates a point when using the Line or Ruler sources
V Toggles the visibility of the selected pipeline object(s) in the active view (since version 1.4.14)
F1 Opens Help Menu
Up Arrow Selects the previous object in the pipeline browser (since version 1.4.14)
Down Arrow Selects the next object in the pipeline browser (since version 1.4.14)

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