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Statistics View

Information relating to all datasets in the pipeline can be found in the Statistics View. This view can be used to quickly compare information on the various readers, sources and filters in the pipeline.

The window pane can be turned on by clicking View > Statistics View, or by right-clicking on any toolbar and selecting from the menu. By default, the window appears below the View Manager.

The Statistics View window displays a spreadsheet view that contains information on all the datasets currently loaded in the pipeline. If the visibility of the dataset is turned on in the pipeline, all columns are filled in. If the dataset is currently not visible, some of the information, such as a Geometry Size, is unavailable.

Information available in this window includes the Name (as it appears in the pipeline), Data Type, Number of Cells, Number of Points, Memory, Geometry Size, Spatial Bounds and Temporal Bounds.

The columns can be re-sized by moving the mouse cursor between two column headings until the cursor changes, and then dragging the cursor until the required width is reached. The column headings can be removed by right-clicking in any cell and selecting the Column Headings option that appears. Duplicating the action will make the column headings re-appear.

Just like any of the other window panes, the Statistics View can be docked in various areas of the application, or can be undocked so that it is floating either above the other window panes, or outside the application window. For more information on docking, undocking and re-sizing the window panes, refer to the Application Overview page.

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