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Stereo Controls

Stereo Mode

Stereo projection is used to create a sense of depth when using some type of 3D display.

Presenting in Stereo Mode

ParaViewGeo has three stereo modes that are available for different types of presentations. These modes can be found on the Stereo Controls toolbar, in the Stereo Mode drop-down.

If you're showing a simple presentation on a regular monitor, the default setting of Stereo Off is best, since you don't need a stereoscopic view for the presentation.

The Red/Blue stereo mode creates an anaglyphic stereoscopic effect, and is used with two-colored glasses to create a 3D effect. You may need to adjust the Eye Angle to create the correct divergence between the left and right eye views.

The Crystal Eyes stereo mode creates a polarized stereoscopic view and is used in Virtual Reality Labs together with stereoscopic glasses and a video card that can produce a quad buffered output. The Crystal eye option does not affect the color of objects on the screen and thus creates even more of a 3D effect, and depending on the size of the screen in the Virtual Reality Lab, the viewers are immersed in a large scale visual representation of the data.

The Stereo Mode also allows you to modify the eye separation adjusting the spacing of the left and right channel to suit your projection/display media.

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