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Supported Formats

Listed on this page are the various data and file formats that are supported in ParaViewGeo.


Supported Data Formats

ParaViewGeo supports the following five data types:

Image Data

Image Data, also referred to as Uniform Rectilinear, uses a uniform rectilinear grid, where the axes are orthonormal to each other and the points along each axis are evenly spaced.

Rectilinear Grid

The Rectilinear Grid, also referred to as Nonuniform Rectilinear, uses a grid where the axes are orthonormal to each other, but the points on the axes are not required to be evenly spaced.

Structured Grid

A Structured Grid, also referred to as Curvilinear, has a topologically regular but geometrically irregular array of points.

Unstructured Grid

An Unstructured Grid is composed of points, lines and polygons, as well as 3D cells such as tetrahedra, hexahedra, wedges and pyramids.

Polygonal Grid

A Polygonal data set, also referred to as Poly Data, contains points, lines and 2D polygons.

Supported Readers

The following is a list of readers (file formats) that are currently supported.  Please note that this list will change periodically as readers are added.  For additional details, visit the Kitware Public Wiki.

  • ParaView Files (*.pvd)
  • VTK Files (includes partitioned):
  • VTK PolyData Files (*.vtp)
  • VTK UnstructuredGrid Files (*.vtu)
  • VTK ImageData Files (*.vti)
  • VTK StructuredGrid Files (*.vts)
  • VTK RectilinearGrid Files (*.vtr)
  • VTK MultiBlock Data Files (*.vtm, *.vtmb)
  • VTK Hierarchical Box Data Files (*.vtm, *.vthb)
  • Legacy VTK Files (*.vtk)
  • ArcMap arc Files (*.arc)
  • AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (*.dxf)
  • AVS UCD Binary/ASCII Files (*.inp)
  • BYU files (*.g)
  • Case file for restarted CTH outputs (*.spcth-timeseries)
  • Comma-separated values (*.csv)
  • Cosmology Files (*.cosmo)
  • Datamine Files (*.dm)
  • Digital Elevation Map Files (*.dem)
  • DrillHole SQLite database Files (*.dhd)
  • EnSight Files (*.case, *.CASE, *.Case)
  • EnSight Master Server Files (*.sos, *.SOS)
  • ESRI Shape Files (*.shp)
  • Exodus Files (*.ex_old)
  • Exodus II Files
  • F/DEM Files (*.ym)
  • Facet Polygonal Data Files (*.facet)
  • Fluent Case Files (*.cas)
  • Gaussian Cube Files (*.cube)
  • Gemcom ASCII Files (*.tri)
  • Geo-Referenced Image (*.jpg, *.tf, *.png)
  • GoCad ASCII Files (*.gp, *.ts, *.pl, *.vs, *.vts, *.vo, *.sg)
  • Grid Exchange Files (*.gxf) (since version 1.4.13)
  • JPEG Image Files (*.jpg)
  • LSDyna (*.d3plot, *.k, *.lsdyna)
  • Map3d Block Data (*.inp)
  • Meta Image Data Files (*.mhd *.mha)
  • Metafile for restarted exodus outputs (*.ex-timeseries)
  • MFIX Unstructured Grid Files (*.RES)
  • Minesight Resource Files (*.msr)
  • OpenFOAM Files (*.foam)
  • Parallel (partitioned) Legacy VTK Files (*.pvtk)
  • Phasta Files (*.pht)
  • PLOT3D CTH Files (*.xyz)
  • PLY Polygonal File Format (*.ply)
  • PNG Image Files (*.png)
  • PNM Image Files (*.pnm)
  • Point Set Files (*.psf)
  • POP Ocean Files (*.pop)
  • Protein Data Bank Files (*.pdb)
  • Raw (binary) Files (*.raw)
  • Seismic Analasys Database Files (*.sad) (in seismic build only)
  • SESAME Files (*.sesame)
  • S-GeMS Files (*.sgm)
  • SOT EPS Triangle Files (*.setr)
  • SOT Result Files (*.sof, *.SOT, *.Output, *.File)
  • SpyPlot CTH dataset (*.spcth *.0)
  • Stereo Lithography Files (*.stl)
  • Structured Points CSV (*.csv)
  • TIFF Image Files (*.tif)
  • VRML 2 Files (*.wrml)
  • Vulcan Data Files (*.00t, *.sfg, *.srg, *.bmf, *.isis)
  • Xdmf Reader(*.xmf, *.xdmf)
  • XMol Molecule Files (*.xyz)

Note: Geosoft files can be saved as Grid Exchange Files (*.gxf) and are supported as such in ParaViewGeo. Although there is a CSV (Comma Separated Value) reader, it is only used for 2 dimensional plotting. Refer to the CSV Tutorial for instructions on loading 3 dimensional *.csv files.

Supported Writers

Here are the writers that are currently supported.  This list will change periodically as writers are added.

  • ParaView Data File (*.pvd)
  • VTK Polydata File (*.vtp)
  • VTK UnstructuredGrid Files (*.vtu)
  • PVTK Polydata File (*.pvtp)
  • PVTK UnstructuredGrid File (*.pvtu)
  • Legacy VTK File (*.vtk)
  • Comma-separated values File(*.csv)
  • EnSight File (*.case)
  • Exodus II File (*.g, *.e, *.ex2, *.ex2v2, *.exo, *.gen, *.exoII, *.exoii)
  • Gocad ASCII File (*.ts,*.pl,*.vs)
  • Gocad Composite ASCII File (*.gp)
  • PLY Polygonal File Format (*.ply)
  • SGeMS File (*.sgm)
  • SOT Queue File (*.sqf)
  • Stereo Lithography File Format (*.stl)
  • Xdmf Data File (*.xmf)

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