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ParaViewGeo Plugins Pack

ParaViewGeo Plugins Pack is a set of ParaView plugins specially designed for the exploration and mining industry. It is an easy way to add ParaViewGeo plugins to your current installed (or compiled) version of ParaView. The executables and source code are available below and the installation guide is available here: ParaViewGeo Plugins Pack Installation.



ParaViewGeo-Plugins-1.1.2-win32.exe (works with ParaView 3.12.0 32 bits)
ParaViewGeo-Plugins-1.1.2-win64.exe (works with ParaView 3.12.0 64 bits)

ParaViewGeo-Plugins-1.0.0-win64.exe  (works with ParaView 3.10.1 64 bits)

Source Code:

The ParaViewGeo Plugins Pack source code is available in a public Git repository via GitHub.

Using a git client, run the command:

    $ git clone git://

Compiling ParaViewGeo plugins project will provide you dynamic libraries (dll/so) that you can load from ParaView by using "Tools->Manage Plugins". 
Make sure to compile the plugins with the same settings you used to compile ParaView.

Using cmake, you can choose to compile our Readers, Filters, Writers or all of them. By default all the plugins are compiled.