eQuick Reference

Some pages are from the manual, others show a smaller version of the information; refer to the User Manual for full details

  • HotKeys - Useful Keyboard Shortcuts


All of the tutorials assume that you have ParaViewGeo open and are starting with a blank pipeline.

To open ParaViewGeo, click on Start > All Programs > MIRARCO > ParaViewGeo x.x.x > ParaViewGeo

Some of the tutorials refer to datasets in the Demo folder loaded with every ParaViewGeo install (and found under MIRARCO > ParaViewGeo x.x.x > examples > Demo1 in either the Program Files or My Documents folder), as well as files from this Sample Data set

  • Beginners
    • Basic Functions - Learn how to load data, change the display properties, and use the camera functions.
    • CSV Tutorial - Learn how to load data from a comma separated value (*.csv) file.
    • Image Geo-referencing - Learn how to load images that are accurately placed in the render view based on their geographic coordinates.
    • Saving Data and States - Learn the differences between saving data and saving states and how additional datasets can be added.
  • Intermediate
    • Render Views - Learn about some of the different types of render views and the properties that are associated with them.
    • Selecting Data - Learn how to use the selection options on the toolbar and how the Selection Inspector works.
    • Basic Filtering - Learn how to apply filters, how to change a filter's input, and get to know some of the filters that exist.